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What To Expect In A Counselling Session

Counselling can indeed be a very intimidating thing to get into. Aside from the cost, it can also feel a little bit daunting to talk about the most personal aspects of your life with a stranger. Although counsellors are sworn to keep everything shared to be confidential, the anxiety of coming into one exists. So in order to sort of reduce your worries, here are some of the things you should expect and is expected of you on your counselling sessions:

Share your Purpose

Obviously, you have to share to your therapist why you sought out therapy in the first place. To some, this may be an obvious purpose such as you are having troubles with accepting your body or you have body image issues. To others, it may simply be because you feel that something does not feel right. This sort of uncertainty is common with marriage or couples counselling wherein the couple cannot point out what is wrong but they are sure that things are going wry. To identify your problem, you have to acknowledge its existence.

How You Are Being Affected

Aside from the history and purpose, you also have to share what you are currently experiencing because of your issues. Behind the purpose of why you decided to get counselling is what you are experiencing because of it. This will help your counsellors address further issues that may arise and help you get a better grip of your life by cutting off loose ends.

Tell your Story

Just like any good investigator, they need the complete history and story to what led you to seek counsel. Your counsellor will begin asking questions about your life and you have to answer everything completely and in as much detail as possible. This is so counsellors can begin seeing the depth of your problem from your past experiences and see patterns. For example, psychology counselling with a sex therapist like Chantal Burchett may use your background and history to help you identify some aspects which may be impacting your current state of mind and to help you move forward from there. So before you come to your session, try to remember and lay down all of the necessary details. The environment of a counselling session may prove to be a little bit stressful at first and you may end up not remembering a few details in between.

Be an Open Book

Of course, openness would be required of you when you enter a counselling session. But people have to be reminded of this because one of the biggest deterrents of getting counselling is that it is hard to be vulnerable due to the fear of being judged especially for problems that are more sexual or personal in nature. However, you should remember that even if you become an open book, only your counsellors will read this so you should not be worried about the whole world knowing about your issues.

Make it A Conversation

A counselling session is not just a narrative description of your life and then someone analysing it to address the issues. Your counsellor will most likely establish a more relaxed environment for you to allow yourself to become vulnerable and open. In addition, you are also expected to ask questions. It is not always just your counsellor probing your life, you may also ask questions – related to your issues of course – and make the session more of a conversation than it is one-sided storytelling.